The Pool House

Nestled among the wooded grounds of the property, the pool house is a little sibling to the main property - Lapsas Ala (fox hole in Latvian). The Its materials and colour schemes were chosen to act as an extension of the surroundings, unobtrusive and complimentary. Glass walls on three sides of the structure reveal views over the impressive pines and birch trees that dominate the landscape, while a custom made mirror sculpture hanging over the water casts playful reflections across the interior surfaces. The pool house features a traditional Banya (sauna) with a fire stove, an 8 metre dipping pool, shower and powder room, and lobby. 

The client wanted a space that was not only functional but also aesthetically harmonious with its surroundings and the main property. The brief was to create a moody and tranquil atmosphere that conveyed the client’s love for aged patinas and textures as well as the desire to blur the boundaries between the exterior and interior spaces.

Building began in the autumn of 2021 and completed in August 2022. The structure comprises of FIBO ceramsite blocks, with the exterior clad in wood to match the main house as well as to ensure that the design is in keeping with the aesthetic requirements of the local architecture. 

For this project the Studio collaborated with Kriss Majevskis of Decaso Studio, as well as engaging fantastic specialists and suppliers who we have worked with previously on Lapsas Ala and Tails Restaurant.

Interior design & decor: Studio Caché 

Architect: Uno Majevskis at DDL Arhitektu Birojs

Interior architecture & custom furniture design: Krišjānis Majevskis at

Glass sculpture – Anna Heinsberga Varnase at Glass Point @glass.point

Interior Carpentry: MD NOASS 

Mirror – Miks Ozols @miks_ozols

Custom concrete sink – Janis Lapins at Betoart @janis.lapins

Decorative plaster: Decorative Painting Latvia @decorative_painting_latvia 

Tiles and Lighting – Krassky

Stone detailing - Pilsakmens @pilsakmens

Build -  Viki NS

Spa and Pool Install - Spa Servisa Centrs

Photos by Alvis Rozenbergs @alchsh

Jurmala, Latvia